Prevention is the key to a healthy life.

Corporate Wellness Services

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It’s estimated that preventable disease is the cause of more than 75% of all medical expenses in America. From sick leave to medical expenses, the health of your workforce directly affects the health of your organization. Every day, insurance rates are climbing, resources are shrinking, and many employees are not taking the proper steps to protect their health.

Simply put – employee medical costs can wipe out 50% of your company’s profits. It’s time to take action. Through a partnership with Maxim Health Systems, your organization can join the thousands of other businesses who offer on-site health and wellness programs to their employees. Immunizations, health screenings, and educational seminars are just some of the preventive measures that your business can take to increase productivity and workplace morale, while cutting medical and insurance costs. 

Start enjoying the benefits of a corporate wellness program. To find out how to become a Maxim Wellness Partner, click here.

Why Use Maxim?

More and more companies are choosing Maxim Health Systems because of our experience, reliability, and hassle-free operations. They realize that running a successful wellness program is so much more than providing wellness screenings. To partner with Maxim means that you'll have one-point-of-contact to ensure that your program runs smoothly and to address your needs. You'll have it your way while we handle everything from clinic set-up to clean-up, including managing inventory, supervising nursing personnel, coordinating between multiple locations, hazardous waste removal, and reporting pertinent clinic information. We even take it a step further by giving you internal promotional tools to ensure greater program participation.

Since all Maxim offices are corporately owned and operated, you'll enjoy the benefits of working with only Maxim nurses. We don't subcontract to other agencies. This practice ensures consistent, high quality delivery of screenings and immunizations throughout the United States. Furthermore, Maxim has the experience and industry expertise to run a successful wellness program for your organization. We have a proven track record. Drawing on our extensive experience running corporate wellness programs for Maxim Wellness Partners throughout the United States, Maxim will work with you to create a customized onsite wellness program especially tailored to your company's needs.

Whether you have one corporate location or multiple offices across the country, we have the resources to meet your needs. We make it easy for you by assigning a Maxim Account Executive to coordinate your account. Your Account Executive and the Maxim team will manage all aspects of your flu program, including staffing your clinics with highly trained nurses from Maxim's more than 400 branch offices nationwide.